Tree of Life Bangle *NEW*


Tree of Life Bangle *NEW*

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*High Quality Surgical Grade Steel Aromatherapy Bracelet (Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet)*

This perfect combination of health & beauty set contains:

1x Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Silver Tree of Life Bangle with secure magnetic clasp (2 cm pendant diameter, 5.7 cm total bangle diameter)

5x cotton disk/pads for diffusing Essential Oil (you may purchase more here)

1x 3ml Pure Lavender Essential Oil (100% Pure, Cold-pressed, Therapeutic grade)

1x Jewellery Polishing Cloth

1x Gift Box


1. Open the lid of the pendant.

2. Add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil provided (or your own favourite essential oil/aromatherapy) to the cotton disk.

3. Insert the cotton disk into the pendant and close the lid securely.

4. The natural aroma will release from the open-faced front of the pendant for up to 3 days.

5. You may add more essential oil to the cotton disk when the smell starts to fade or change out a new cotton disk to add another type of essential oil.


1. To protect your aromatherapy bangle, it's best to remove the soaked cotton balls from the bracelet when not in use.

2. The Essential Oil provided are 100% pure & concentrated sourced from Australia. Do not apply directly onto the skin as it may cause irritation or burning sensation. Pure essential oils need to be diluted with carrier oils/hydrosols before they can have direct contact with skin.

3. Please consult health care professional to find out if your health condition is suitable to any particular essential oils in case of allergic reaction.