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At HowSmooth, we are confident that you have chosen the purest product available from nature for your natural skin health. We carry a wide range of natural, vegan and organic skincare as well as aromatherapy products. This includes handcrafted soap, body care, face care, hand care, lip care, essential oils and aromatherapy diffusing accessories.

Our skincare products are 100% handcrafted and carefully formulated using a unique blend of premium quality, rejuvenating and soothing natural ingredients sourced from Australia.

All HowSmooth products do not contain any animal fats, bi-products, chemicals, artificial preservatives or artificial fragrance. They are also FREE of gluten, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and paraben. To top it off, they are non-animal tested and cruelty free.

Join us and experience the purity of HowSmooth products and immerse in the healing power of Mother Nature's creation. We believe that a happy soul begins with beautiful and healthy skin.

Remember to always show your skin some love.

Love, HowSmooth




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